The Hudson Global Alliance

Knowledge is Power. Networking Creates Knowledge.

Who Is The Hudson Global Alliance?

The high school student population is shrinking. As a result, prep schools in the U.S. are already experiencing enrollment pressures. Colleges and universities are feeling the pressure as well, and are preparing for major shifts in the population.

Recruiting students from abroad is certainly not new. Nor is it a panacea for enrollment challenges. But it is an important strategy: U.S. prep schools and universities need to understand global trends, economic realities, and the drivers of demand for U.S. education like never before.

There is no time for experimentation. There is no room for action without data or understanding. That’s where we come in.

The Hudson Global Alliance represents the best of the best in U.S. secondary and post-secondary education. Our Alliance of education professionals across the United States—from top prep schools, colleges, and universities—share a common set of guiding goals and values.

Alliance Members:

  • Value the diversity and energy of a more global student body
  • Want international students to succeed in their U.S. education
  • Are committed to breaking down barriers to this success
  • Seek out networking with colleagues to listen, contribute, and learn
  • Work together to enhance the body of knowledge around international education and study in the U.S.

Alliance members have the leadership and foresight to know that serving more international students makes their campuses—and the world—a richer, more welcoming, and more vibrant place.

Hudson Global Alliance is a non-profit membership organization which brings together education leaders at forward-thinking U.S. prep schools, college, and universities to better understand and serve international students who want to study in the U.S.